Thong Bikini Swimsuits

Thong bikini swimsuits should be worn around the beach with head held high. Wearing this teeny swimming apparel will turn you into a desirable woman that guys can’t help but drool over. So if you are planning to catch the eye of every man you see, you should choose a swimwear that tickles their imagination. When you show off more skin, men would surely find you more alluring and irresistible. You need not hide your body this summer, but try to be bold as you enjoy the sun, sand, and sea on your holiday get-away. Let the sun kiss every inch of you by wearing a thong bikini. Below are some types of bikini beachwear that will help create a sizzling summer look.

thong bikini swimsuits

Mesh two-piece

Putting on a teeny two-piece is already sexy, but how much more if the fabric used is mesh. This woven fabric has small holes in it that allows the flesh beneath the material to be slightly seen. This webbed piece of fabric comes in various colors and prints. The elegant black and classic white are among the popular choices of many beachgoers. However, some women also prefer to wear the colors of summer such as yellow, green, and orange. These are attractive and enticing, especially if the wearer has the golden tan all over.

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Sheer top and bottom

Looking sultry this hot season is easy as long as you have a sheer swimsuit in your wardrobe. Even if you are wearing a swimming apparel that provides more coverage, as long as the material is sheer, you still have a way to show off your assets. Some of these are only transparent when wet, while others are see-through even when dry. No matter what color you choose, as long as it is sheer, you can be as bold and sexy as any model you see in men’s illustrated magazine.

Whether you are going for mesh or sheer,  you’ll surely ooze with sex appeal. However, putting on any of these swimsuits also has its own dangers. The wearer will be more exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. To get the skin protection you need, there are a number of skincare products you can use such as lotion, cream, and spray. Choose one that has SPF content that suits your skin type. Apply it on different parts of your body before you step right up under the sun, lie on the sand, or take a plunge into the cool water.